Location Germany –
Quality Focus

modul technik committed to Germany as a business location
From the foundation of the company in 1984 until today, it has been our utmost objective to produce brand quality without overlooking our social responsibility.
Our commitment to quality and flexibility outweighs financial arguments, such as saving on salaries by relocating.

modul technik retains a focus on quality
With its first-class infrastructure, outstandingly developed education system and appreciation for innovation and progress, Germany has proven itself as a quality location for our company. That is why we will continue to say "Yes" to Germany as a business location in the future.

No compromises on flexibility
There are many examples which show that companies leaving Germany as a production location lose out on flexibility. For more than two decades, our customers have benefited from our fast response time and value our ability to offer customer-specific solutions tailored to requirements. Losing this flexibility by relocating to another country is a price we are not willing to pay!