Single bed Luminaire


As a visually attractive single-bed luminaire, is bound to impress thanks to its plain lines, unruffled elegance and healthful light. For the patient, it brings a note of homeliness into the often unfamiliar environment of the hospital. Even as a single-bed luminaire, easily meets the requirements placed on perfect general, reading, examination and night lighting. A choice can be made between versions fitted with contemporary LED technology or with T16 fluorescent tubes.

The lighting concept can lend a room a cosy feel, especially in medically used areas where architecture and equipment have to fulfil a large number of functional tasks. integrates the lighting and medical supply unit into the architecture as a horizontal axis, producing a lighting effect that does everyone involved good – a lighting effect that can be adjusted to an extremely wide variety of situations and tasks, creates pools of light, provides accent lighting and never overlooks one important factor: the need for economy through maximum energy efficiency.


pureline II