The OP 3800 is state of the art


A clear and thorough concept to comply with the latest air conditioning medical guidelines and norms for operating theatres characterises the media bridge .

A disruption and turbulence-free Laminar-Air-Flow from the ceiling air supply system up to a height of 2,100 mm from the floor can be realised with the medical supply unit designed for these purposes. In order to achieve this, the is equipped with an all-round flow of air fromthe ceiling connections to the top edge of the media bridge. As an option to the four-sided standard version, the can also be designed as an L– or U–shaped supply unit.

In addition to the above, tapping points for the operation of surgical tools (Air-Motor) and anaesthetic gas scavenging system (AGSS) can be installed in the media bridge on the corresponding anaesthetic and surgery-facing sides as the project requires.


OP 3800