Like Germany's health care system, German medical technology works for the people it serves, both at home and abroad. A tradition of innovation and industry has made the country a global standard-setter when it comes to producing medical technology and maintaining it, no matter where in the world it happens to be. One only has to look at German health care and medicine to see the innovative drive, wealth of knowledge and years of global experience the country has to offer.

The commitment to the values of innovation and quality has paid off for German med-tech. A third of the sector's sales revenues come from products that are less than three years old. The country also far surpassed its rivals in terms of registering new patents for surgery and surgical navigation in 2010. Figures like that indicate that buying German medical technology leaves health care providers with state-of-the-art, sustainable technology for treating patients.

Reliability is another key feature of German medical technology. The sector provides equipment health professionals and patients can trust - every single time.

Guaranteed dependability has helped make Germany the European leader in terms of med-tech sales turnover. In 2010, the sector generated a total turnover of some EUR 20 billion, with 64 percent of sales going abroad. Germany also tops the ranks in terms of exports not only to European countries, but many of the world's other regions as well, with more and more products destined for the markets of Asia and Central and South America. German medical technology is going places; don't pass it up.